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Cell Differentiation Laboratory
Prof. Cho, Hyung-Taeg
502-506 +82-2-880-9389
Cognitive Circuitry Laboratory (CoCiLa)
Prof. Hyoung Kim
CRI Center for Single-Molecule Systems Biology
Prof. Yoon, Tae-Young
105-221 +82-2-880-2247
Genome Editing Lab
Prof. Choe, Sunghwa
502-501 +82-2-880-4429
Lab of Systems biology and medicine (SBM)
Prof. Daehee Hwang
Laboratory of Adipocyte and Metabolism Research
Prof. Kim, Jae Bum
105-333 +82-2-880-4409
Laboratory of Apoptosis & Molecular Disease
Prof. Jung, Yong-Keun
504-601 +82-2-880-4402
Laboratory of Behavioral Ecology and Evolution
Prof. Jablonski, Piotr
502-306 +82-2-880-8157
Laboratory of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Prof. Seol, Jae Hong
504-502 +822-880-4415
Laboratory of Biophysical Chemistry
Prof. Koh, Junseock
504-306 +82-2-880-4444
Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology
Prof. Lee, Hyunsook
105-433 +82-2-880-4422
Laboratory of Computational Biology
Prof. Baek, Daehyun
504-402 +82-2-880-4265
Laboratory of Development & Disease Modeling
Prof. Kong, Young-Yun
504-606 +82-2-880-4437
Laboratory of Genes and Development
Prof. Lee, Junho
105-319 +82-2-877-2663
Laboratory of Histology and Cytology
Prof. Rhee, Kunsoo
504-207 +82-2-880-4417
Laboratory of History of Science
Prof. Hong, Sung-ook
501-324 +82-2-880-1421
Laboratory of Host-Microbe Interactions
Prof. Lee, Won-Jae
504-303 +82-2-880-8168
Laboratory of Immune Regulation
Prof. Ahn, Kwangseog
504-407 +82-2-880-4450
Laboratory of Membrane Biology
Prof. Joy Kim
504-406 +82-2-880-4441
Laboratory of Microbial Physiology
Prof. Seok, Yeong-Jae
504-301 +82-2-880-8827
Laboratory of Microbial Symbiosis and Immunity
Prof. Park, Joo-Hong
504-208 +82-2-880-2134
Laboratory of Molecular & Cellular Signaling
Prof. Park, Sang-Hyun
504-608 +82-2-880-4412
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Genetics
Prof. Baek, Sung Hee
504-607 +82-2-880-4413
Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Proteomics
Prof. Huh, Won-Ki
504-401 +82-2-880-4431
Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology
Prof. Hong, Seung Hwan
504-403-1 +82-2-880-6776
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Genomics
Prof. Lee, Byeong Jae
504-508 +82-2-880-5816
Laboratory of Molecular Genomics
Prof. Jongkyeong Chung
105-533 +82-2-880-4400
Laboratory of Molecular Imaging
Prof. Roh, Soung-hun
Laboratory of Molecular Immunology
Prof. Seong, Rho Hyun
105-233 +82-2-880-8803
Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology
Prof. Roe, Jung-Hye
504-308 +82-2-880-4411
Laboratory of Molecular Regenerative Medicine
Prof. Kim, Jin-Hong
502-301 +82-2-880-4178
Laboratory of Mycology and Molecular Ecophylogeny
Prof. Lim, Young Woon
502-403 +82-2-880-4426
Laboratory of Neurobiology
Prof. Kaang, Bong-Kiun
504-202 +82-2-880-9024
Laboratory of Neurophysiology
Prof. Choi, Sukwoo
504-201 +82-2-872-7710
Laboratory of Plant Cell Biology
Prof. Yuree Lee
502동 503호 +82-2-880-2137
Laboratory of Plant Chromatin Biology
Prof. Noh, Yoo-Sun
502-508 +82-2-880-4410
Laboratory of Plant Developmental Genetics
Prof. Lee, Ilha
502-606 +82-2-880-4419
Laboratory of Plant Ecology
Prof. Lee, Eun Ju
502-309 +82-2-880-4418
Laboratory of Plant Embryogenesis and Epigenetics
Prof. Choi, Yeonhee
502-601 +82-2-880-4430
Laboratory of Population Genomics
Prof. Choongwon Jeong
502-303 +82-2-880-4428
Laboratory of Prokaryotic Biology and Bioinformatics
Prof. Jong Sik chun
105-306 +82-2-876-8153
Laboratory of RNA Biology
Prof. Kim, V. Narry
504-501 +82-2-880-6697
Laboratory of Stress Response and Aging
Prof. Kang, Chanhee
504-603 +82-2-880-2245
Laboratory of systematics and molecular evolution
Prof. Kim, Won
502-401 +82-2-880-4408
Plant Systems Genetics
Prof. Lee, Ji-Young
502-608 +82-2-880-6529
Quantitative Biology Laboratory
Prof. Hyeshik Chang
25동 414호
Structural Biology
Prof. Choi, Hee-Jung
504-309 +82-2-880-6546