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Major Contact

Category Phone Location Person in charge
Chair’s Office +82-2-880-6687 Bldg 504 Room 123 Bong-Kiun Kaang
Administration Office +82-2-880-6685~7
Bldg 504 Room 120 Sang-Jin Oh, Mi-Kyung Oh, Nan-Suk Han, In-Kwon Choi, Ji-Ae Park, In-Sub Jeon, So-Hee Lim, Sun-Hee Park, So-Rim Kwon, Sung-Min Kim
Common Equipment Room +82-2-880-4009 Bldg 501 Room 308, Bldg 504 Room 506
Specific Pathogen Free Facility +82-2-880-6692 Bldg 500 Room B220 Im Taewoo
Microbiology Research Center +82-2-880-6710 Bldg 504 Room 223 Min Youngju
Conference Room +82-2-880-6672 Bldg 504 Room 105

Administration Office

Name Title Contact Duties
Oh, Sang Jin staff
Supervising departmental administrative affairs Management of courses and entrance examinations
Park, Kyung Hee assistant staff
Execution and management of the national treasury and action committee of school
Supporting common tasks
Supporting planning tasks
Yun, Sun Ok assistant staff
- Supporting personnel management
- Supporting research promotion
- Management of overhead grants
Choi, In Kweon assistant staff
Supporting students’ enrollment of academic courses
Supporting school affairs and interchange students
Park, Ji Ae assistant
Management of undergraduate lab courses (Basic/Major)
Supporting the rest task of office
Management of internship program for undergraduate students
Jeon, Insub staff
Management of facilities and instruments
Management of radiations and waste liquids
Lim So hee assistant
Supporting class state and management
Kwon, So Rim assistant
Supporting planning task
Management of administration for common facility
Supporting international affairs
Kim. Sung Min assistant
Experimental management support.
Responsible for joint support and repair of equipment.
한상현 assistant
공동기기실 전반 업무(FACS Aria III 교육 서비스 및 관리)