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★Registration for the Fall semester of 2017

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Registration for the Fall semester of 2017


 The application period for Registration, Return, Readmission, and Leave of Absence for the Fall Semester of 2017 is as follows:


 1. Registration period for incoming, enrolling, returning, and readmitting students:



 1) Registration period: August 25(Fri), 2017 ~ August 31(Thur), 2017 ( for 5 days)★★


 2) Location: Any branch of Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank, or Woori Bank


 * commission will be incurred at the student’s own expense if the payment is made through institutions other than Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank, and Woori Bank.

2. Application for Return


1) Period: June 15(Thur), 2017 ~ August 24(Thur), 2017


2) Procedure:


  (1) Login to the SNU Portal ( → 학사정보 → 학적변동(신청)→복학


   (2) Click "신청" button → select "일반복학"(


   (3) Print out (click "출력" button) the web page within 3 days and submit the document with your academic advisor's signature to the biological science Office. 


3. Petition for Reinstatement/Readmission

 1) Readmission application Submission Period :


  ○ Primary : June 15(Thur), 2017 ~ July 21(Fri), 2017


you must submit the application to the school of biological office, you could not apply through the online system.

  ○ Secondary : August 1(Tue),2017 ~ August 18(Fri), 2017

 t’s only permit when the department has extra space, after primary permit.



4. Leave of Absence


 1) Period:


(1) Before Payment: June 15(Wed), 2017 ~ Sep 25(Mon), 2017

 ( the number of school day 1/4 )

(2) After Payment: August 25(Fri), 2017 ~ Oct 26(Thur), 2017

 ( more than the number of school days 2/4, you could not apply the leave of absence for reason of family affairs )

 * Note that a student who wants to apply for a Leave of Absence after Registration should pay tuition before taking the Leave of Absence. One cannot pay tuition after taking the Leave of Absence. (you could not print-out tuition bill)


 2) Procedure:


 same as Application for Return


 * Leave of Absence is only valid for two academic semesters (totaling to one calendar year). If a student has taken a Leave of Absence for a year, he/she must re-apply for Leave of Absence or apply for Returning to school. ( if he/she not re-applying these, you could be expelled. )




 5. Others


 1) Those who have taken a leave of absence after paying tuition do not need to pay again, but only need to submit a form for re-enrollment.


 2) those who exceed the course of study (8 semester), you must apply a leave of absence or  register for courses.