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[초청강연] Understanding the function and regulation of photobodies in plant growth and chloroplast biogenesis

2022-06-03l Hit 170

Date: 2022-05-31 11:00 ~ 13:00
Speaker: Chan Yul Yoo (University of Utah School of Biological Sciences)
Professor: 생명과학부
Location: Hybrid | 25-1동 국제회의실 International Conference Hall
Photobodies are photoreceptors-containing biomolecular condensates that sense light and
regulate almost every aspect of plant growth and development. The formation of photobodies
presumably occur through a biophysical process called liquid-liquid phase separation in response
to environmental changes such as light and temperature. Our research is focused on
understanding fundamental function and regulation of phytochrome photobodies as
developmental and environmental sensors in establishing early seedling development including

chloroplast biogenesis. In this talk, I will present the role of photobodies in controlling nucleus-
chloroplast communication to orchestrate transcriptional regulation in nuclear and plastidial

genomes. Particularly, I will highlight our research on the molecular mechanisms by which
phytochrome signaling components regulate photobody formation and nucleus-chloroplast