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Welcome to the School of Biological Sciences website!

The history of School of Biological Sciences traces back to the founding year of the Seoul National University, 1946. It was originally introduced as the Department of Biology under the College of Art and Science. Over the years, the department went through various transformations, from Depts. of Biology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, and Molecular Biology until in the year 2000, the School of Biological Science was established as we know it to be today.

At the School of Biological Sciences, we have pursued to solve the timeless question that is the “Mystery of Life” through a deep foundational understanding of the core principles of biological phenomena. We have focused our research and education on a wide range of interdisciplinary studies at the level of cells, tissues, organisms, ecology, environments as well as an evolution.

Our undergraduate program emphasizes on building a fundamental understanding of biology and cultivating comprehensive insights into biological phenomena through the exploration of a wide range of studies. Also, our graduate program delves deeper into specialized areas of research and strives to foster tomorrow’s leaders of life sciences. Currently we have 50 professors, approximately 300 undergraduate students, 350 graduate students, 100 researchers and 20 administrative staffs collectively putting in our best efforts to better our research and education..

Throughout the years, the School of Biological Sciences has become a deeply rooted establishment within the field. As we move forward into the rapidly changing future, we endeavor the following points so to remain a leading educational and research institution of life sciences:

  • As an academia, the School of Biological Sciences emphasizes the significance of proper education of all of our students and researchers to cultivate innovative minds of those who will lead the future of biological sciences
  • The School of Biological Sciences promotes creative and open discussions to explore future oriented education and research of the “Mystery of Life”.
  • Through the practice of “Unity,” “Diversity” and “Adaptation,” the core values of life, we continue our efforts to facilitate a proper educational and cultural environment in the School of Biological Sciences.

Thank you so much for your interests and supports.

Won-Ki Huh, Ph. D.
Chair of School of Biological Sciences
Seoul National University