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[초청강연] Animal colour defences: camouflage and secondary defences

2019-12-11l Hit 9327

Date: 2019-12-13 11:00 ~ 12:00
Speaker: Prof. Changku Kang (Mokpo National University)
Professor: Prof. Choongwon Jeong
Location: Bldg 500, Mok-Am Hall


Research on animal coloration is a vibrant area in behavioural/evolutionary ecology. One of the main areas of animal coloration research is investigating them as an adaptation to avoid predation. Camouflage is the most common form of anti-predator coloration and many animals have evolved fine-tuned behavioural strategies to improve their camouflage. However, their camouflage is never perfect, thus some animals have evolved various back-up defence strategies in case their camouflage fails, which is called secondary defences. In this seminar, I will introduce the studies on camouflage, secondary defences, and other colour defences in insects and amphibians.