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2nd Announcement of Faculty Openings, 2020

2020-09-16l Hit 8909

College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University

2nd Announcement of Faculty Openings, 2020


1. Field(s) of Specialization and Number of openings(Full-time Tenure-Track Faculty)


Field of Specialization



Department of Biological Sciences

All Areas in Biological Sciences


At least one of the four must be a foreign national.

2. Qualifications
   a. Applicant should have a Ph.D. degree and meet all requirements of the Seoul National University Hiring Policy (as a full-time faculty in the tenure track).
   b. Applicant should have more than one publication in last 5 years.

3. Faculty Appointment (Contract) Period
   The Appointment(Contract) period follows 「Seoul National University Hiring Policy」.
   (Find details in the announcement at

4. Review Processes
   a. All applicants will be selected and reviewed according to
    : whether the applicant's abilities and specialization lie in the opening area, assessment of recent research achievements (within the past five years),
      overall research achievements to the present, presentation or lecture, personal essay, statement of research, teaching objectives and assessment of suitability
      of appointment.

   b. All applications will be reviewed in two stages. The following criteria and materials will be reviewed at these stages:
     Stage 1) Field of specialization review
        a) Whether the applicant's abilities and specialization lie in the opening area
        b) Assessment of recent research achievements (within the past five years)
        c) Overall research achievements to the present
     Stage 2) Interview
        a) Open presentation or lecture
        b) Personal essay, statement of research and teaching objectives
        c) Assessment of suitability of appointment

5. Application Documents
   a. One copy of the application form downloaded from
       All listed periods (Educational and Employment background) must be the same as the submitted official documentation.
   b. Recent research achievements for detailed review:
      Each PDF file should be uploaded on our website (
      ① Research achievements for detailed review
            : Academic publications (between 1 and 5, possible to include applicant’s graduate thesis) or books in the past 5 years (since the first of November, 2015)
      ② If submitted research achievement has been accepted for publication but not been published until application due date, the applicant must submit
           “Thesis Certificate of Publication Acceptance” issued and signed by editor in chief. The criteria for recognition of research achievement and period are listed below:

         ⅰ. The expected publication date should be clearly stated on the thesis that is attached “Thesis Certificate of publication acceptance” for detailed review.  
         ⅱ. Submitted research achievements must be published by December 4th, 2020. The published research achievements should be identical to the material
             submitted for application (adding/removal/changes are unacceptable).

         ⅲ. The thesis attached certificate of publication acceptance should be submitted as soon as it is published but no later than December 4th, 2020.

      ③ Books (published books only): A text book for the corresponding major or a research monograph that has contributed to progress in the corresponding research field
            and has been on an international level will be admitted(Translations, redactions or only submitting book chapter are not counted).

   c. Full list of research achievements (please write latest ISSN in Remarks column)
      - All research achievements should be listed from the applicant's graduate school to the present with (where applicable) the title, authors, publication date and
        title of the journal (including volume, issue, pages) including items already listed on Research achievements for Detailed Review.

      - See the form on our website (
   d. Ph.D. degree certificate (PDF file should be uploaded)
   e. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts and Diplomas
     ☞ Only those who are participating in the interview must submit the copies to the applying department before the interview.
   f. Official documentation confirming each position you occupied
     ☞ Only those who are participating in the interview must submit the copies to the applying department before the interview.
         The follows should be clearly specified on the documentation.
         : position, duty, type of duty (full-time, part-time, etc.), paystub (including annual income etc.), duration of employment (DD/MM/YY-DD/MM/YY)

   g. Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae (including major research and teaching achievements, fellowships and awards)
   h. Statement of Teaching and Research Interests
      Statement of teaching should include a list of courses that the applicant would be able to teach together with suggestions of new courses that could be added to
      the curriculum. Research interests should include short-term and mid-term research plans and objectives.
   i. Letters of Recommendation
      It should be from at least two scholars or professionals in the same field of specialization.
      Recommenders must be sent directly in one of two ways.
       1) E-mail: It should be sent from the recommenders directly by e-mail (
       2) Online recommendation registration (

  1. Applicant fills out the recommender information in the application system and click on the button “request recommendation letter”
  2. The system will send out a request mail to the stated recommender’s email address for recommendation letter
  3. The recommender, following the link provided in the request mail, will log into the website for recommendation letter submission.

  * The type of recommendation documents should be image file such as PDF, JPG etc. (the documents saved as HWP, DOC which are able to be modified will
     not recognized).

6. Application Period
    Friday, September 25, 2020, 10:00 ~ Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 17:00 (Korean time)
    Office hours - 10:00 ~ 17:00 Korean time, Monday through Friday
    Apply online via
    No application will be accepted after the deadline.
   * After completing the online application, please notify by e-mail the person in charge in the department that you have completed the application.


Field of Specialization



Department of Biological Sciences

All Areas in Biological Sciences


7. Scheduled Appointment Date
    March 2021

8. Notification
    Applicants will receive individual notification of the results once all eligible applications have been reviewed.

9. Miscellaneous
   a. Applicants may not apply for more than one position. Multiple applications by the same applicant will invalidate all of his or her applications.
    ※Application to the First round of 2021 recruitments is not allowed to those who have already applied for the second round of 2020 recruitment conducted
        in one-year track until all the relevant evaluation procedures are completed.(Only if the applicants are not included in a short list for the second round of
        evaluation or in the list of finalist, they may apply for First round of 2021 recruitment.)

   b. Depending on evaluation results, faculty openings may not be filled and the starting date of appointments may be changed.
   c. Appointment can be nullified even after employment has commenced if applicants have wilfully falsified application documents and/or have not fulfilled
       the appointment requirements

   d. Other particulars not stated in this announcement will follow established Seoul National University protocols.
   e. All application documents must be originals. If the submitted document is copied one, the applicant should make the college check a copy with the original
       immediately after being announced as a candidate for appointment. <Notarial certificate must be attached for documents (undergraduate and graduate transcripts and diplomas,
       official document confirming careers) written by other language except English>.

   f. If pdf files for research achievements are uploaded on the website, they must be submitted individually
      (example : submission of five pdf files for five academic publishments).

   g. There is no designated form or rule for cover letter, statement of teaching and research interest.
   h. Applicants can send their request for recommendation letters to referees via SYSTEM and referees log into the separate website to upload their recommendation letters.
      (Also, please be noted that all recommendation letters should be uploaded by designated deadline and applicants are responsible for all the omissions and
       inappropriateness in their recommendation letters.)

   i. In the case of the Department of Chemistry, non-face-to-face interviews are scheduled for those who are eligible for the interview.
   j. For further information contact:

      Office of Academic Affairs, College of Natural Sciences, Seoul National University

      e-mail:, Tel: +82-2-880-6507

     2020. 09. 15.

 College of Natural Sciences
Seoul National University