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application for thesis examination , Fall semester of 2017

2017-09-26l Hit 2943

application for thesis examination , Fall semester of 2017 application


period –10.Oct.2017 (tue) 09:00 ~ 19.Oct.2017(thu) 17:00


log-in portal (my snu) -> academic affair (student service) -> graduation ->application thesis examination.



2. How to pay the application fee


period – 20.Oct.2017(fri) ~ 31.Oct.2017(tue) within bank hour



3. Period of Refund application


-Only before the appointed to paper examiner, you could receive a refund.


4. thesis examination


period- Oct.2017 ~ 28.Dec.2017(thu) ( you need to discuss with your advisor before thesis examination)


*  ‘Master’s public announcement date’ : 14Dec2017(thu) 504-105 , but you could arrange the date of public announcement date like doctaral degree.


5. submit the thesis examination result

until 29.dec.2017(Fri)


( include paper withdrawal, extend of assessment period, extend of submit period )


6. thesis examination application documents

 (during online enrollment, you need to submit these documents)


1.논문심사원 application for master’s thesis examination

2.연구윤리준수확인서 research integrity compliance statement

3.논문심사위원 추천서 recommendation for thesis examiner




1.논문심사요구서 recommendation for thesis examiner

2.지도교수추천서 recommendation from thesis advisor

3.이력서 curriculum vitae

4.연구윤리준수확인서 research integrity compliance statement

5.논문심사위원 추천서 recommendation for thesis examiner

6.박사 논문지도위원회 심사보고서 results of doctoral thesis pre-examination  (-if you already submitted this paper, you dont need to submit twice)



7. thesis examination result documents



1.석사학위논문심사요지 evaluation of master’s thesis




1.박사학위논문예비심사결과보고 results of doctoral thesis pre-examination

2.구술고사 성적표 5부 oral examination grade 5

3.투표용지 5부 ballot paper 5

4.박사학위 논문심사요지 evaluation of doctoral thesis

5.박사학위논문심사결과표 results of doctoral thesis pre-examination

6 SCI 논문발표 확인서confirmation form of sci publication (period of submitting the confirmation form of sci publication : untill 8 Jan 2018(mon))




* others


-result form (cancellation) : cancellation of (master’s/doctoral) thesis examination


-result form (postponement) : application for extension of doctoral thesis examination period

please submit above paper if you want to canllelation or postpone your thesis examination by 29.Dec2017(fri)

*submit these papers to inkwon choi of biological sciences office

* please find the attached files.

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