임영운 Lim, Young Woon

계통분류학 생태학 진화생물학

1.      Fungal evolution based on morphology and multi-gene sequences

-   Phylogenetic study of the fungi

-    Fungal Tree of Life in Korea

-    Fungal Barcode of Life in Korea

2.      Fungal ecophylogeny

-  Fungal diversity using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique

-  Phylogeogrphical study through the world networking 

3.      Fungal interaction with bacteria, insects and plants


-   Bacterial diversity in forest and their roles of wood degradation.

-    Examining synergy effect with Fungi for wood degradation


-    Fungal diversity vectored by insects

-    What is their relationship?


-    Fungal diversity from valuable wood species and their roles

-    Define pathogenic fungi and their mechanism to penetrate to wood.

-    Application of decay fungi to industry

  • - 1997-2001 Ph.D. Seoul National University, Korea
  • - 1995-1997 M.S. Seoul National University, Korea
  • - 1988-1994 B.A. Korea University, Korea
  • - 2019-Current Professor, School of Biological Sciences
  • - 2016-2019 Associate professor, School of Biological Sciences
  • - 2011-2016 Assistant professor, School of Biological Sciences
  • - 2007-2011 Director of Non-vascular (Fungi/Alage) division at NIBR, Ministry of Environment
  • - 2006-2007 Research professor, Seoul National University
  • - 2003-2006 Postdoctoral fellow and Research associate, University of British Columbia
  • - 2002-2002 Visiting scholar, Clark University, USA
  • - 2001-2003 Postdoctoral fellow, Korean Collection for Type Culture (KCTC), Korea
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