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Plant Systems Genetics Lab

Seoul National University
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Plant Systems Genetics Lab

Seoul National University

Plant Systems Genetics Lab

Seoul National University

Publications+ more

(2023) Identification of genes associated with the regulation of cold tolerance and the RNA movement in the grafted apple, Scientific Reports
(2022) How Does Global Warming Sabotage Plant Immunity?, Molecules and Cells
(2022) A Method for a Rapid and Accurate Detection of Phloem Sieve Element Development: Its Application and Scalability, Journal of Plant Biology
(2022) Oxidative stress response and programmed cell death guided by NAC013 modulate pithiness in radish taproots, The Plant Journal
(2021) The danger-associated peptide PEP1 directs cellular reprogramming in the Arabidopsis root vascular system, Molecules and Cells
(2021) Dissection of Functional Modules of AT-HOOK MOTIF NUCLEAR LOCALIZED PROTEIN 4 in the Development of the Root Xylem, Frontiers in Plant Science
(2020) Information on the move: Vascular tissue development in space and time during postembryonic root growth, Current Opinion in Plant Biology
(2020) An optimized protocol of laser capture microdissection for tissue-specific RNA profiling in a radish tap root, STAR Protocols
(2020) Identification of conserved gene-regulatory networks that integrate environmental sensing and growth in the root cambium, Current Biology
(2020) Gene regulatory network guided investigations and engineering of storage root development in root crops, Frontiers in Plant Science

Welcome to the
"Plant Systems Genetics Lab"

The Ji-Young Lee Lab aims to understand principal mechanisms that underlie cell division and patterning during plant growth and development. The lab has been focusing on the patterning and growth of vascular tissues from its stem cell population, procambium/cambium. We use combinations of genetics and genomics approaches to uncover key gene regulatory programs and interesting signaling processes.