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Biological Science
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Baek, Sung Hee
Title Professor
Major Molecular and Cellular Genetics
Lab. Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Genetics
· Lab : +82-2-880-4413
· Office : +82-2-880-9078
· Lab : 504-607
· Office : 504-620
Research Interests Eucation/Experience Publications
Research Interests
Our research center is interested in “Chromatomics” as studying dynamic protein-DNA interaction, chromatin structure and its dynamic changes and analyzing chromatome, which includes genome and epigenome in in vivo systems. The aim of Chromatin Dynamics Research Center is to investigate the chromatin code in tumorigenesis and metastasis through chromatin dynamics and to develop disease control technique.
1. Elucidation of chromatin code of prostate and breast cancer inducing factors and establishment of mouse model
2. Elucidation of signal transduction pathway and regulatory protein network in prostate/breast tumorigenesis and metastasis
3. Application of chromatin code in the development of disease control techniques and therapeutic reagents for the control of prostate/breast cancer